ERE Property supports charity boxing match in Hong Kong


On Friday 1st September, the charity Operation Breakthrough co-hosted Club Fight Night 2017 at the Kerry Hotel, Hong Kong. Rugby players from the top clubs in Hong Kong swapped the rugby pitch for the boxing ring for the first time with table service for those watching.

The event raised money to support the work of Operation Breakthrough which aims to build relationships between young offenders and the police force. ERE Property is proud to have been one of the sponsors of the event and supporters of the evening. ERE has strong ties to Hong Kong where we opened a new office in Wan Chai last year to better serve the needs of our large customer base built through recommendation and referral.

The boxing match was timed as an opener for the new season to give the winners bragging rights for their team! All the guests provided rousing support for the fighters efforts.

Operation Breakthrough provides sporting and related activities, as a means to help, rehabilitate and positively reinforce young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or families; helping to fight crime and juvenile delinquency.

These programmes, which are voluntarily run by serving and retired police officers assisted by social workers, are aimed at exercising positive influences on young people and building self-confidence and self-esteem. The long-term aims of the programme are to prevent re-offending, build bonds with officers in the Hong Kong Police Force.

The Chairman of the Police Boxing Club, Francis Carroll, explains that Breakthrough boxing is much more than just providing young people sports classes – “It teaches discipline, confidence, and social skills. We want the kids to feel valued. We want to see collective development.”

So far, 12 Breakthrough recruits have gone on to become serving police officers, two are firemen, and one is a social worker. Perhaps, most promising of all, is that the reoffending rate is at 3 per cent.

Find out more about Operation Breakthrough on their website

Wright Lettings Celebrates First Successful Year

Since the launch of new lettings and management company Wright Lettings, the company has focussed on providing landlords with a complete service from marketing through to efficient property management. The focus on quality has seen the business grow to 122 clients and is still growing by the day with a short term goal of 3000 properties under management.

From their office in Leeds, Wright Lettings has acquired properties under management for an international customer base. The team have adopted a strategy which embraces new systems and technologies to disrupt old ways of working.

The growth of the business was helped due to the Parent Company ERE Property, who have been providing investors with compelling investment opportunities since 2004. ERE had initially outsourced the management side of the buy-to-let properties they sold, but bringing management of their investments under one roof has enabled to an end-to-end process to give investors a hassle-free experience from investor to landlord.

David Wright, Wright Lettings, says “From the inception of the business we knew that we would adopt new technologies and new ways of working to make the process more cost-effective for landlords and tenants without compromising customer service.

“Throughout my career in property I have worked closely alongside investors, providing a full range of services to ensure they were free from worry about their purchase. The growth of Wright Lettings over the past year is an indication of the success of this approach and we have set strong foundations for the continuing expansion of the business.

Over the coming year, the team have more recruitment plans which will enable the smooth acquisition of more properties under management.

Paul Harrison, Managing Director, ERE Property and Wright Lettings says, “Our 3 year plan includes 500% growth for Wright Lettings which is a real focus for the team in the UK and Hong Kong.”

ERE clients enjoy beer tasting event

This week, property investors in Hong Kong were invited to a beer tasting event at The Globe, Central, Hong Kong. Staff at The Globe are proud that they have a lot of beer on offer and although it might have seemed a bit daunting to some, it was a great opportunity for our investors to get together to talk through much of what has been happening the in UK to affect property investment.

Brexit, of course, remains huge news for buy-to-let investors but aside from that, the event was a good opportunity to talk about UK property after the general election, get UK mortgage advice and discuss how London property is becoming less appealing compared to in the regional cities. All of this was against the background of figuring out if British beer could hold its own against European ales. A difficult challenge, but our investors were up to the challenge.

Thanks to all of you who came and to those of you who introduced us to new clients. We can tailor our service to meet the needs of new or experienced investors. If you have any questions about investing with ERE Property, speak to one of our advisors in Hong Kong or the UK

ERE Property – Protecting investors by fighting against property scams

There has been much in the media recently about overseas property scams targeting Hong Kong investors which may have cost them as much as HK$500 million in losses.

The Securities & Futures Commission (SFC) is investigating and will make an announcement regarding the cases, while the Commercial Crime Bureau of the Hong Kong police (CCB) is also looking into them. The CCB are seeking legal advice from the Department of Justice and looking for representative cases in order to bring up prosecutions. This is a crime which is taken very seriously and reputable property agents support the action so that investors in Hong Kong can be confident when investing in international property.

There is little regulation at the moment in Hong Kong to prevent fraudulent agents setting us business as an agent selling buy-to-let property. As there is no regional property association that developers and agents can sign up to, many are free to set-up and practice in Hong Kong without adhering to any professional standards or a code of practice. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t reputable property agents in the region selling international property who can’t be trusted. There are many agents who are acting reputably and they can easily be identified by looking into the history of their practice, what developers they work with and by talking to past clients.

At ERE Property we strongly believe that the reputation of the industry shouldn’t be ruined by a few untrustworthy agents. Paul Harrison, Managing Director at ERE Property recently met with James To, Legislative Council of Hong Kong who are working to find agents and developers who have been reported of, and are suspected of fraud, to spearhead a self-regulated scheme for overseas property agents. ERE Property has instigated meetings with senior officials and are pushing for any regulation, particularly from the Securities and Futures Commission.

ERE Property have an office in Wan Chai, but we have been operating in the Hong Kong for five years, building up relationships with clients through a system of recommendation and referral. As a result, the ERE brand is synonymous with trust. As a business, ERE was built on core values of integrity and ensuring we take an ethical approach to everything we do, setting us apart from other agents. These values have been a part of the business for many years, long before we opened our office in Hong Kong.


ERE is a registered member of the Association of International Property Professionals (AIPP). The AIPP is working to improve standards within the international property industry and its members voluntarily agree standards of practice. At ERE Property, we regularly to take the chance to meet with investors at various venues around Hong Kong. Regular meetings give us to the chance to talk though issues affecting the industry and get your views. If you would like to join us at one of these informal events, email

ERE Property at the Kowloon Rugby Club Community Day

ERE Property have proudly sponsored Kowloon Rugby Club and supported them through their excellent 2016/2017 season as they very nearly won the Championship in a hard fought final.

Started in 1976, the club was born out of the Hong Kong Police Force and now has over 700 members consisting of expats and locals.  It is important to Kowloon that they do not neglect the community which has supported them and they regularly hold community days to provide opportunities through rugby to others in our community and to have a sense of belonging. Kowloon has always done this with a sense of pride.

Simon Bishton, Head of Sales attended the day which left a memorable impression on the children with many expressing how they are looking forward to meeting again the next Community Day.