Is Assisted Living A Good Investment? Here's Why You Should Consider Investing In Assisted Living In 2024

Tuesday 28 November 2023

Assisted Living enables people with a range of needs to live happy and fulfilling lives independently and safely in their local communities without going to live in residential care. [1]

Not only is Assisted Living a high-yielding and hands-off investment, but Assisted Living investments also offer investors the opportunity to contribute positively to a social cause. By investing in Assisted Living, you will be helping provide housing for those most vulnerable in society.

The high demand for Assisted Living facilities far outweighs the supply. By 2037, there’s projected to be 1.42 million more households headed by someone aged 85 or over – an increase of 161% over the next 25 years. [2] Assisted Living facilities aren’t limited to the elderly community but are also in demand from individuals who are living with disabilities who may need extra support but wish to live independently.

Here are three benefits to why Assisted Living makes a smart investment choice:

1. The assured higher-than-average rental yields are linked to the Consumer Price Index, meaning that rent received will rise in line with inflation and cannot go down.

2. There are no landlord costs with Assisted Living investments, no ground rent, service charges or building insurance costs. It is also a self-repairing lease, so there are no maintenance costs either.

3. Our Assisted Living developments are already completed and fully tenanted with a 25-year rental management agreement in place. Therefore, you can instantly start to generate a long-term monthly income as soon as you complete.

Assisted living facilities are a great investment option for property investors as they provide assured rental income from tenants and strong potential buy-back options.

In terms of income stream, appreciation, and total return on investment, this sector has already outpaced the rest of the housing market.

We have various great Assisted Living investment opportunities in Bradford, Halifax and Runcorn, providing investors with 9%+ net rental assurance at prices from £130,000!

Featured Assisted Living Investment Opportunity:

✅ Bradford City Centre

✅ Studio & 2-bed apartments available

✅ Prices from £130,000

✅ 10% Net rental assurance

✅ No landlord costs

✅ A 25-year rental management agreement


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