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One of the biggest regeneration projects in Liverpool is Ten Streets

Friday 29 April 2022

Based on 10 big ideas, Ten Streets will be spread across 125 acres and will see the creation and support of 2,500 jobs.

1. An engine for growth

Developing a new cultural enterprise industrial centre with the potential to produce up to 2,500 jobs and increase Liverpool's business rate revenue. This project, like the Commercial District and Knowledge Quarter, will be critical to Liverpool's future economy. The goal of Ten Streets is to provide a supportive environment and workspace for artistic, creative, and cultural businesses. Ten Streets is the right location for a critical missing component in Liverpool's offer: a varied economy with quarters and spaces allowing for the specialised demands and values of a variety of industries and enterprises.

2. A cultural stage

A new theatre and music facility will be located on Ten Streets. The cutting-edge revolving stage will provide audiences an immersive experience as well as a high-quality performance schedule from across the world. A new performance facility will be a significant addition to Liverpool's already impressive entertainment offerings, providing spectators with an immersive experience as well as a high-quality theatrical and musical programme from across the world.

3. Embracing innovation

Ten Streets will be a distinct community with its own personality and spirit. Setting new benchmarks in the areas of environmental sustainability, smart energy, and digital connection Combining delicate conservation with daring modern architecture and urban design is a winning combination. Ten Streets will be an example neighbourhood for renewable energy and ecologically friendly design and construction, respecting the size and urban texture of the area while also recognising that it is a site for experimentation and innovation.

4. Creating new spaces

The significance of new places, pocket parks, and urban squares are key to a fresh feeling of place, while maintaining the area's core fabric. The new public spaces will serve as informal gathering spots for pleasure and relaxation, as well as imaginative staging sites for outdoor events and performances. At the centre of a dynamic and open neighbourhood, Ten Streets will also witness the establishment of a new pedestrian and cycle-friendly road. Ten Streets' creative alchemy will include public spaces as a place to breathe, unwind, and envision, as well as locations for ideas to germinate and consolidate and accidental meetings to generate new creative partnerships.

5. Making new connections

The key to connecting Ten Streets to the larger city and Liverpool City Centre will be major investment on Great Howard Street (A565), Regent Road, and new train links. Ten Streets will not be a stand-alone destination, but rather a fully integrated aspect of the city's growing downtown and waterfront. The project serves as a gateway north, leading to Liverpool Waters and other attractive North Shore projects. The A565 will be widened, and money will be invested in the Merseyrail system, bringing the region even closer to the city centre. Ten Streets will continue to invest in the public realm and bicycle infrastructure in order to create an open, permeable neighbourhood that is accessible to all forms of transportation.

6. A creative catalyst

As ideas develop, Ten Streets will designate areas and buildings that will be dedicated to start-up firms, artists, independent creatives, and makers. New patterns of business and innovation are emerging in unexpected areas including erstwhile industrial regions around the United Kingdom. Some of Liverpool's most imaginative commercial and artistic practitioners have already set up shop on Ten Streets. The plan will promote and develop new types of businesses as well as those with innovative ideas that will add to Ten Streets' uniqueness and energy.

If the Titanic Hotel was the trigger for Ten Streets' physical resurrection, Kazimier's Invisible Wind Factory was the catalyst for its artistic renaissance. It's critical that Ten Streets stays fruitful, hospitable, and permissive, providing room for creative innovators of all kinds and sizes.

7. A thriving community

The volume and location of any residential construction will be regulated in order to protect Ten Streets' commercial and creative identity. Ten Streets' residential expansion will be scaled and styled to complement rather than undermine its artistic identity.

8. A vibrant destination

To contribute to its vitality and individuality, Ten Streets fosters the development of a unique, diversified, and autonomous leisure and hospitality offering. The Titanic Hotel's launch served as a catalyst for investment and revitalization in Ten Streets. With a goal for the hotel industry and tourist economy to grow as one of Ten Streets' supporting threads. After 5 p.m., successful business districts are no longer closed. Interesting, diverse, and independent places to eat and drink are essential factors in attracting people to work, live, and invest in a certain region. Visitors interested in seeing and staying in this unique Liverpool neighbourhood will be drawn to Ten Streets' tremendous vitality and personality.

9. Celebrating heritage

Starting with Liverpool's largest Listed structure, the Tobacco Warehouse at Stanley Dock, all of the area's Listed and key heritage structures will be conserved and renovated. Within Liverpool's Mercantile World Heritage Site, the Ten Streets neighbourhood has some of the city's most important and striking marine warehouses. Ten Streets will protect and enhance what makes this neighbourhood so special. Our most valuable assets are our heritage, history, and character, which will serve as the basis for the area's new identity.

10. A collaborative approach

To design and realise the Ten Streets vision, we work closely with local companies, new occupiers, investors, and co-creators. Ten Streets is a unique type of regeneration initiative in that it works together with partners to promote and foster a growing identity that maximises the area's remarkable strengths.

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