The benefits of investing in Assisted Living Facilities: Is it worth the investment?
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Thursday 23 February 2023

What is assisted living:

Assisted living facilities, also known as extra-care housing, are mainly suited for older adults who wish to live independently but need some care and support to manage day-to-day life. Allowing individuals to retain independence while receiving assistance with daily tasks. [1]

Assisted living facilities offer more support than sheltered accommodation. As individuals live in a self-contained flat but have access to services provided by on-site staff, such as meals or personal care and domestic support. There are usually communal areas such as cafes and lounges, too. [2]

Why should you invest in assisted living:

There are many reasons to invest in an assisted living facility.  With an ageing population in the UK there is a strong demand for assisted living facilities, however, there is currently an undersupply of these properties. This means you are likely to get a high return from investing in an assisted living facility!

As the population ages increases, demand for suitable properties will further increase, therefore it is important for the UK to adapt to meet the needs of the elder population according to the UK Government by 2040, almost one in seven people is projected to be aged over 75. [3]

Most assisted-living developments are already completed and fully tenanted with management in place. Therefore, you can instantly start to generate a long-term monthly income stream without paying the usual landlord fees!

Assisted living facilities are a great investment option for property investors as they provide assured rental income from tenants and strong potential buy-back options.

In terms of income stream, appreciation, and total return on investment, this sector has already outpaced the rest of the housing market.

Benefits to investing in assisted living include:

  • Stronger returns
  • Assured Security
  • Recession Proof
  • Generate high passive income.
  • Assured Rental Yields
  • No landlord costs for ground rent, service charge & building insurance.
  • Consistent demand for assisted living facilities.

With these facts in mind, there's no doubt that assisted living is a great hands-off investment choice in today's UK market!

We have various great Assisted Living investment opportunities in Bradford, Halifax and Runcorn, providing investors with 9%+ net rental assurance at prices from £130,000!

Featured Assisted Living Investment Opportunity:

✅ Bradford City Centre

✅ Studio & 2-bed apartments available

✅ Completed & tenated

✅ Prices from £130,000

✅ 10% Net rental assurance

✅ No landlord costs

✅ A 25-year rental management agreement

✅ Exciting exit option within 3 years triggered by a 30% minimum uplift. 

This is an exciting investment opportunity for property investors looking to generate a high return on investment. We would love to answer any questions regarding investing in Assited Living, please do get in touch!
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