West Bromwich Masterplan Approved; What does this mean for investors?
The West Bromwich Masterplan will act as a catalyst for investment

Monday 14 February 2022

The masterplan for the future of West Bromwich town centre has been approved by Sandwell Council on 9th February.

The scheme is forecast to act as a catalyst for ongoing and new regeneration schemes in the town. A total of 1,460 new jobs and 1,359 new homes are expected to be created.

The project will support initiatives previously outlined in the town investment plan and aims to increase business confidence in a variety of locations by creating: a new Metro gateway plus a new Town Square for events with high quality public spaces; new green links, squares, parks and improvements to the sustainable transport network; a major mixed-use community including residential and employment creating a vibrant, active and sustainable town centre.

West Bromwich will benefit significantly with; 1,359 new homes; £6.6 million extra expenditure by new residents in West Bromwich; 1,740 new jobs; 12,000 sqm of new retail floor space – replacing 30,000 sqm of out-of-date and vacant retail floorspace; significant health, education and community uses; improved public transport accessibility.

Councillor Iqbal Padda, Sandwell’s cabinet member of regeneration, commented “I’d like to thank everyone – individuals, community groups and businesses – who took the time to give their feedback on our proposals for a new, dynamic vision for the town centre.

“The role of town centres is altering because of changing consumer patterns, increased online shopping, and high rents resulting in businesses closing, and this has been made worse with the Covid-19 pandemic.
“We want the masterplan to act as a catalyst for change, so we can tackle and reverse the general decline of the town centre. We want to look at how we can transform existing spaces in the town centre, to new uses, such as creating residential homes.

“We also need to make sure we take advantage of the opportunities created as a result of the significant Town Deal funding we have successfully bid for. The masterplan will provide a single vision and strategy and will also make sure we take full advantage of the unique opportunities created as a result of the significant Town Deal funding we have successfully bid for.

“This is a long-term vision for the next 20 years which I believe will boost confidence and generate significant investment, securing future growth and prosperity.”

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