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Friday 03 February 2023

Birmingham is the UK’s second-largest city, making it the perfect destination for buy-to-let property investment!

Why Investors Choose To Invest In Birmingham

Birmingham is located at the heart of the UK, providing motorway links to many major cities across the UK. This includes London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, and Cardiff, which can be easily reached within a 4-hour commute via motorway links & public transport.

The current population of the city itself is estimated to have 1.1 million people, with predictions for the city’s population to reach 1.3 million by 2039.

You can expect to see a surge in housing demand from young professionals and post-graduates looking for great employment prospects in the city.

In the last decade, Birmingham’s regeneration and job opportunities have attracted an influx of young professionals. Home to a young, working population, Birmingham presents buy-to-let property owners with a stable tenant market so it’s not difficult to understand why more investors are looking to Birmingham for their next or first UK property investment.

Birmingham Economy & Employment:

The economy in Birmingham is thriving. Last year, Birmingham hosted the Commonwealth Games, which contributed a huge £870.7 million to the UK’s economy.

A significant number of businesses are relocating to Birmingham with Goldman Sachs soon to have a new office in Birmingham. BT, HSBC, KPMG, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte, and PWC have also opened offices in Birmingham.

Almost half a million people work in Birmingham and the city is known as the West Midlands’ regional centre of business, retail, leisure, and culture, and ranks highly for future investments.

As one of the largest business centres outside the capital, the city employs over 100,000 people and acts as a hub for the wider region.

While Birmingham has a high number of public sector employers – including Birmingham City Council, the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the University of Birmingham – in the last decade, the city has put in place policies to rebalance the economy and attract more private employers.

What’s Going on In Birmingham: Regeneration Projects

Thanks to a vast amount of regeneration taking place across the city and continued demand from movers to the area – many of whom are relocating from London – the city’s future looks bright.

The regeneration is expected to create strong opportunities for excellent capital growth so now is the perfect time to look at a Birmingham buy-to-let property investment.

  • Birmingham International Airport will be undergoing a huge £500m investment project which due to complete in 2033, with the aim to improve the city's accessibility and offer access to more destinations. 

  • Birmingham Smithfield is a £1.5 billion project that will see the development of the area south of the city into a new urban quarter.

    Set to take 15 years to complete, the project will bring a boost for the whole city and include a new home for Birmingham’s historic Bull Ring Markets, leisure, and cultural facilities and more than 2,000 homes around a new public square.

  • Birmingham will also benefit from HS2, which will bring London within 38 minutes of the West Midlands and 49 minutes of Birmingham, being the only region to have two HS2 stations. Phase 1 to Birmingham is due in 2026, and phase 2 in Manchester and Leeds is expected to complete in 2033.


The number of employment opportunities that the regeneration schemes are creating will boost population and therefore increase housing demand.

This increase in demand will create a further cause a lack of housing supply pushing rental prices even higher, creating the perfect buy-to-let property market. 

We are seeing a massive surge in demand in Birmingham, with the city offering a strong economy, stable rental demand, affordable properties, and exciting regeneration projects the future is looking promising.

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