Innovative, Interactive & Sustainable Water System
ERE Leeds are excited for the delivery of our new eco friendly water cooler!

The Skywell® atmospheric water generator creates clean water from the air around us, reducing the use of pipes and plastics. Every drop of water is filtered, purified, tested and continuously monitored to ensure quality, clarity and flavour.

It’s a convenient, portable way to provide water. We can put the Skywell exactly where we want. All we need to do is, connect it to a power source and it will be ready to go.  It generates over 22 litres of clean drinking water every day, so we don’t need to worry about running out.

Its interactive customisable touchscreen and dashboard will let us quickly and easily adjust settings like water temperature, whether we want boiling water for tea, or a cold refreshing drink, it will be ready instantly. Users can access statistics about how much water they’re drinking, they can even set daily drinking goals.

At ERE, we care about the environment and we wanted to be the first in the building to try the Skywell®.

Water cooler

Watch the Skywell® video to find out more