Law Russell House construction update – May 2017

Work continues on the conversion and refurbishment of your Law Russell House purchase in Bradford. The May Build Progress report shows expected completion of the apartments is staggered with a majority of the flats already 85% complete. These are expected to be fully-finished by June 2017. A great number of the others are at 75% complete and the expected completion date is July 2017. The remaining apartments are expected to be complete by the end of August/mid September.

Here are a few updates:

Window Refurbishment

Following the previous update, the developers are pleased that the new windows have been delivered and are now in the process of being fitted. These are UK manufactured, traditional slide and sash windows to fit in with the heritage of Law Russell House.

Duplex Apartments Take Shape

More work has commenced on the fifth floor with the formation of a duplex apartment which is taking shape. The exposed beams will remain in place, showing the character of the building.

Historical Discovery

The construction team have discovered an original Milner safe, within the ground floor walls of Law Russell House. This cabinet safe originates from circa 1890 and was manufactured by Thomas Milner & Son in the UK. As suppliers to the Duke of Wellington and the War Office, Milner was renowned in its time for fire and thief proof iron coffers and strong boxes. The iron in this cabinet is so so strong it is a structural part of Law Russell House and looks like it is here to stay!

Improving Efficiency and Security

The team has installed new hoist equipment to make the movement of larger items (such as kitchen and bathroom suites) more effective. The team has also improved security to the loading bay and installed new iron gates to make the development secure.


If you have purchased an apartment in Law Russell House and have queries about construction progress, please get in touch using the form below.