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Fastest Growing City Centre Populations

Fastest growing city centre populations The Northern Powerhouse cities like Manchester, Liverpool & Birmingham are among the most desirable areas of the country to live. These cities have managed to attract young professionals through a growing number of high-paying jobs within the city centre. For instance, Manchester had an 84% increase in city centre jobs […]


University Cities Worth Investing In

University Cities Worth Investing In Universities are a major reason that the market for buy-to-let investment in Leeds, Liverpool, Leicester and Bradford make  ‘Northern Powerhouse’ cities looks so attractive. Cities such as Manchester are now seeing post graduate retention rates in the region of 50% which in turn generates around 17,000 students every year being added to the population and seeking […]

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How Has Brexit Affected The Property Market?

“Investors are holding a positive long-term outlook for the UK property market, and are not letting the uncertainty surrounding Brexit affect their financial strategies. Moreover, the investor community is clearly confident in the future growth prospects of the UK economy.” Read the full article by Lawyer Monthly: 

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Market Update for UK Property Investors