Humber Bridge, Hull

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Postcodes such as HU1 in Hull, in the UK’s regional towns and cities showed house price growth in Barclays Postcode Property Index. “Regional cities such as Birmingham have over-taken London when it comes to the annual rate of house price growth as jobs growth and attractive affordability boost demand for housing and push up house prices” according to the report. Hull, for example showed an average increase of 13 per cent growth from 2016 to 2017. Following a decade of significant property price growth in London, the average increase fell to just 2 per cent in the last year. It’s no surprise that the buy-to-let investors are seeing the opportunity in the UK’s Green Energy Capital.

CityPostcode with the fastest growing house pricesAverage house prices in July 2016Average house prices in July 2017Percentage growth in the last yearAverage percentage growth for the city last year