Brexit Property Market

Viewpoint: Triggering Article 50 – A historic day for the UK

This is a historic day.

So what can we expect?

People on the Remain side are speaking very loudly about how the UK needs to tread carefully and not go over a cliff edge as we start the two year process of leaving the EU.

Those people on the Leave side of the debate are excited about a whole new world opening up as we take back control and enter into new trading deals.

The truth is that nobody knows for sure.

A few things that I have been saying for quite some time are certain.

Firstly, we are not leaving Europe. We are leaving the EU, a political union which appears to have bloated uncontrollably to the distain of many of its citizens. We will still be part of Europe and we will no doubt still be the biggest buyers of German cars and French agriculture.

Secondly, I know for certain that when you have your team aligned and focused and engender a positive approach then amazing things can be achieved. The biggest Brexit concern that I have is the negative doom merchants who just can’t fixate on anything except UK Armageddon. Who needs negative people anyway?

Thirdly, the UK is the Head of the Commonwealth, 54 countries with common laws and language. This makes us unique in Europe and unique in the world. We are a large strong nation with immense influence in our own right. The UK is not like Norway when it comes to the relationship with the EU and comparisons seem ridiculous.

Lastly and most relevant to us, we know that currency dips have made the UK attractive for exports and inward investments. UK property investments have become extremely popular for international investors looking for value. This is set to continue and I believe we are moving to a very exciting new world.

So, in conclusion – Britain is in Europe – Don’t listen to negative people – Embrace legacy opportunities – Invest in UK property.


Paul Harrison
Managing Director
ERE Property